A list of references and medical encyclopedias

Scientific references in modern medicine:

  • British Medical Association
  • Family Doctor Encyclopedia
  • Dr. Ruth's Sex Encyclopedia
  • American Colleg. for Emerg. Medicine
  • ADAM's Anatomy Encyclopedia
  • Numbers of Egyptian and Kuwait Scientific magazines
  • Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Textbook

Scientific references in herbal and alternative medicine:

  • Book: the encyclopedia of folk medicine and alternative therapy. 
  • Book: fifty panacea grass for fifty a common illness.                                                              Dr. Ayman al-Husseini, Consultant of Internal Medicine.
  • Folder: The encyclopedia of treatment with herbs and medicinal plants.                      Dr. Abdel Basset Mohamed el-Sayed Professor of Biophysics at the National Center for Research.                                                                                                                                           Dr. Abdel Tawab Abdullah Hussein, an expert in the field of bioenergy. 
  • Book: AB treatment with herbs and aromatic oils.                                                              Plantes et Huiles Essentielles, Mode d'Emploi.                                                                       Dr. Dennis Ambolay - Ph.D. in modern and Diploma in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Book: Treat yourself by yourself 'Trucs & Astuces de Sante'.                                            Sophie Lacoste writer and journalist specialized in Health & Beauty subjects.

Scientific references in traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Book: Chinese Home Remedies.                                                                                                   Dr. Liwa Wang a heart doctor in the Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine.

Online medical and non-medical sites: 

Encyclopedias Computer Medical Programs:

  • The Family Doctor Software Edition II
  • The Home Medical Advisor Pro by Dr. Schueler

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