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What Herbs and Plant Extracts Can Do for Cancer Patients

Mesothelioma is one of the most aggressive types of cancer that an individual can fight against. It spreads from the patient's interior lung lining and attacks the lungs, heart and chest tissue. Because of how difficult the cancer can be to contain, medical professionals often administer a particularly strong form of chemotherapy in order to provide individuals with the help they need. Supplementary therapies and treatments often go a long way in helping the patient recover as well, and many herbal remedies help individuals manage their symptoms of mesothelioma much more efficiently. 

Dong Quai 

Dong Quai is an ancient herb that is frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is made from the plant known as the Angelica Sinensis, and it has played an active part in traditional medicinal culture in Korea, Japan, and China. Though it has ancient roots, modern studies show that the herb can still provide individuals with tremendous benefits, especially when it comes to relieving the side effects that come with cancer treatment. It can help protect the body from chemotherapy toxicity, such as that which is induced through contact with cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin, and it can even help improve long-term lung health. 


This is another popular medicine that has its roots in ancient history. It has long been a part of traditional Chinese medicine, and the root itself has tremendous health-boosting properties, especially when enjoyed as a regular supplement or part of a meal. Studies into the compounds show that ginseng has powerful anticancer properties, which can make it especially desirable for those who are recovering from their illness. Many studies show that because ginseng can improve the immune system and fight against fatigue, individuals who regularly enjoy this supplement can look forward to better well-being. 

Vitamin D 

Studies show that having more vitamin D through sunlight or supplements can be one of the best ways to not only prevent cancer but also improve the individual's health against existing cancer. Vitamin D helps improve the individual's energy levels, which helps contribute to improving the way they feel about their recovery as a whole. It can be invaluable for those who feel as though they do not have the energy available to perform the tasks that they would have ordinarily enjoyed. It can help individuals return to a more active lifestyle as they recover.

Through the proper nutritional regimen treatment, it can be easy for any individual to fight against their cancer and improve their long-term prognosis. Many herbs can offer different remedy options as well, and it is a good idea to speak with a medical professional in order to determine what type of system will best suit the patient's unique needs. As the patient recovers and grows stronger, the supplements can expand as well, and many different remedy options can factor into the updated treatment in order to provide individuals with an even smoother recovery in the future, especially when it comes to returning normalcy to their life.

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