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Warm weather is the time to sit outside and enjoy nature, but what about mosquitoes? They are also a part of nature, and their bites can give some severe reactions.

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Sometimes the most vulnerable are small children, where a simple mosquito bite can result in a bump the size of a fifty cent piece. Yes, they need protection, but some parents may be reluctant to use a strong bug repellent on such tender skin. There are several effective ways to repel mosquitoes naturally without using harsh chemicals that some may be uncomfortable with.  However, keep in mind, just because a remedy is natural, doesn’t mean that it is safe for all.  Please check with a medical expert or your health care provider before trying any of these suggestions on you or your children. Avoiding mosquitoes naturally is a very easy task, and there may be some homemade remedies mentioned here that you already know about.  The trick to using these remedies is to use them in layers; the more of the repellents you can use (NOT on the body) the better your chances of keeping mosquitoes away.



Light a citronella candle.  They also sell torches that burn citronella oil.  The mosquitoes do not like the fragrance and will stay away.


It is said that pure vanilla repels mosquitoes and smells good too!  Beware. However, the vanilla extract that you get off your grocer’s shelves may not be strong enough.  It needs to be at a fifty  (50) percent concentration to be effective.  Be sure to test it on your skin first before applying it all over.


Marigolds and basil are two plants that mosquitoes avoid.  Plant these orange and yellow flowers around your yard and around your patio to keep mosquitoes at bay. Basil is not only useful as a cooking herb but as a mosquito repellent as well.  And it also smells much better than a chemical insect repellent. Lemongrass is a lovely smelling herb that is not so mosquito-friendly. You can snip the leaves on these herbs and pop them into a clean stocking or net bag and carry them on your person to repel the mosquitoes.

Home remedies

Metholated chest rub Avon® Skin-So-Soft® These remedies are NOT endorsed by the manufacturers of these products. However, word of mouth (and Internet) has indicated that they may be useful in repelling mosquitoes. Remember to apply as often as necessary (about every two hours) to retain effectiveness. 

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