Ayurvedic Fat-Fighting Herbs You Should Know Now!

Ayurveda is ancient healing modality that dates back to some five thousand years ago. It is a timeless medicinal tradition practiced in India with the aim to help you achieve and maintain optimal well-being and health. The many benefits of Ayurveda have been proven for over centuries of use, and it is continued to be used today.

In this ancient medical tradition, age-old techniques are used to help burn exercise-resistant fat by boosting the digestive system. Unlike conventional, modern weight-reduction techniques, Ayurveda targets the main reason why fat cells get bigger and solves them, thus the results are long term.

One special concept in Ayurvedic weight loss is known as ama, which refers to the toxins in human body. The toxins is a abstract term denoting all the bad ingredients accummulated from eating, breathing, stress, etc, during one's normal life. Ama becomes more common and harder to eradicate for older people.

The center of the Ayurvedic weight loss program is the use of herbs for detoxification.

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Here are some Ayurvedic herbs to ignite your digestion and help you lose weight now!

1. Gymnema

Known for suppressing blood sugar levels, gymnema is a herb that has been widely used by traditional Ayurvedic healers. It has been discovered that chewing the leaves of gymnema reduces the taste of sugar. Gymnema is still widely used in India and other countries with Ayurveda medicine practitioners.

2. Guggul

This highly effective resin extract is derived from the thorny, small myrrh tree. This herb is renowned in the Ayurvedic tradition and is even dubbed as the “Fat Killer.” Guggul has several benefits that include: removing excess body fat, boosting cellular flame, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and supporting liver functions. Unlike other herbs, guggul does not have nutritive tonic properties, but it can assist in the healing of tissues and in the production of white blood cells. It’s a great herb for those wanting to reduce fat fast.

3. Vrikshamla

Vrikshmala is a herb derived from a flowering tree with yellow, oval fruits. It contains an enzyme, called hydroxycitric, which prevents the formation of fat by blocking the enzyme citrate lyase (necessary for fat formation). This prevents fat from being deposited into pockets in the body.

This herb also helps raise the level of serotonin in the brain that helps control hunger thus decreasing one’s appetite. Because of its fat-busting properties, Vrikshamla is a great herbal weight loss supplement.

4. Triphala

This potent Ayurvedic mixture is composed of three herbs called Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. It helps the digestive system by improving digestion and decreasing constipation. It also clears any obstructions in the digestive system. It is also a good source of calcium and vitamin C. These properties help nourish the body and eliminate toxins.

5. Ghrit kumari (Aloe vera)

Ghrit kumara, popularly called aloe vera, helps stimulate metabolism thereby increasing fat reduction and improving digestion. It increases fat metabolism resulting in increased energy consumption. Aloe vera is a superb herbal supplement that can help eliminate toxins.

6. Katuki

Ayurvedic practitioners traditionally recommended Katuki for treating chronic liver conditions and regulating gall bladder. It is also known to boost metabolism and improve digestion. Due to these properties, Katuki is considered as an effective natural weight reduction herb.

7. Kalmegh

Another well known Ayurvedic herb that can help cut your weight fast, Kalmegh can help purify your blood. It is an extremely bitter her but very rejuvenating. It has been effectively used to control excessive body weight and its negative effects. Kalmegh can help shed toxins and extra fats.

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These fat-busting Ayurvedic herbs alone or synergistically with other herbs can help you achieve your desired physique and an optimal health. You can try adding these herbs into your daily diet too and see how it can ignite your metabolism and help shred off those flabs!

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