Thermogenic Herbs For Weight Loss

Since historical times, certain herbs are known to possess distinct therapeutic properties. Thermogenic herbs are the natural plants that effectively trigger fat burning mechanism in the body and promote weight loss. Today, expert herbalists and holistic health care specialists have scientifically demonstrated the thermogenic potential of these herbal gifts from nature. These herbs do not cause dramatic weight loss but can aid in achieving ideal weight when used in combination with healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.


alfafa sprout
Alfalfa is an excellent weight loss herb that has been used for many centuries. Its leaves contain saponins, isoflavones, flavones, and sterols. Saponin, the main component of Alfalfa has a natural fat burning property. Intake of Alfalfa with a nutritious diet can dissolve excessive body fat, purify and maintain the health of blood vessels.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre leaves
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It is most commonly used by the diabetics and dieters to lose weight. This herb is used in supplement or tea form to maintain blood sugar levels. It is known to inhibit sugar absorption in the body and act as an appetite suppressant by altering food taste when used over a period of time. It minimizes sweet cravings and helps a dieter to lose weight by incorporating a healthy, low-calorie diet. 


Chamomile herbal tea
Chamomile herbal tea, popularly used in West Asian and Europe has appetite suppressing property. It has a calm effect on the mind and encourages fat burning mechanism in the body.


illustration of guarana
Guarana is a natural source of caffeine, which boosts body metabolism. Caffeine naturally inhibits the accumulation and storage of dietary fat in the body cells. It fuels the energy burning process in the body by enhancing endurance during fitness workouts. It is the most widely used natural appetite suppressant for weight loss. Guarana is commonly used in teas, supplements, chocolate bars and as an additive to energy drinks. 


burdock head
Its active components include polyphenolic acids, inulin, and non-hydroxy acids. Burdock root is an effective weight loss remedy as it reduces food cravings, suppresses hunger and improves fat metabolism in the body. It is effective when taken in the form of standard decoction. An ounce of dried burdock root is poured into boiling water and simmered gently for 10 to 20 minutes. It is cooled and taken in between meals. 

Green tea

green tea leaves
Green tea extracted from the leaves of camellia sinensis plant is native to China and is a natural weight loss aid used for thousands of years. According to expert researchers, green tea contains various types of metabolism boosting components such as flavonoids, caffeine, catechins with high antioxidant levels. Its compounds are known to promote fat burning process by inducing their distinct thermic effect. It increases energy and accelerates fat oxidation. Herbalists conclude that green tea increases the energy expenditure and helps dieters to maintain lost weight. 


parsley leaves

It effectively reduces the fat deposition in the body. One can include parsley along with other essential nutritional products and follow a simple diet to achieve best weight loss benefits. Freshly prepared parsley juice can be included in the diet. Its appetite suppressing property makes it an effective formula to lose weight. Its natural diuretic action helps to avoid stomach bloating. Parsley can be used in salads, gravies, and other cuisines to lose weight or maintain lost weight.


ginseng root

Ginseng tea, native to Korea and China is used to treat a broad range of medical symptoms and also as a natural remedy for weight loss. Its dried root can effectively boost energy levels, improve circulation, regulate blood pressure and relieve stress. It is generally used as a tincture, tea, or in supplement form.
In conclusion, thermogenic herbs, when used in combination with balanced diet and exercise can help lose weight successfully. It is important to identify the cause and medical condition before choosing these herbs.

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