3 Home Remedies for Pest Control

Are you having problems with pest control in your home but are quite hesitant to buy pesticides that are available in the supermarket? Or perhaps are you hesitating to use them because of the harms it may cause instead? You do not have to look further because here are some home remedies you can use to vanquish a pest problem.

Coffee as the answer

You read that right; coffee is not only used to defeat tiredness and sleepiness that are threatening to claim you any moment now because you decided to stay up late last night and binge watch that latest crazed TV series online, but it can also be used against insects like mosquitos and ants.

You may love coffee but these critters certainly do not. In fact, it actually has a fatal effect to ants. If you have this certain problem then you might want to try and ground some coffee beans and sprinkle them atop an ant hill. This method will then make the ants leave.

Coffee is also deadly against mosquito larvae. According to a research done by a Harvard Medical School neurologist, caffeine can confuse the larvae making them unable to resurface for air and eventually drown.

The Environmental Protection Agency also supports this claim, saying that you can even burn coffee grounds in order to repel not only mosquitos and their larvae but wasps and bees as well.

Garlic solves the problem

No one likes the strong smell of garlic and this actually includes pests you can find in your garden. If you are a gardener and are having trouble with such pests then you can easily use garlic to repel them.

Use this natural approach instead of using harmful pesticides that hurts your environment. You would not want strong chemicals to affect your plants anyway.
A few homemade garlic spray repellents can be found online.

Mint is all you need

Most people use mint to make their breaths smell fresh but fewer people knows about it being a natural pest repellent.

Mint actually has similar attributes with coffee when it comes to combatting pests in both your house and your garden. Its leaves can also be used by crushing and sprinkling them around an ant hill to make its occupants leave. In case you do not have mint leaves, you can use mint tea bags as a substitute.

There are several varieties of mint plants and they include giant hummingbird mint, hummingbird mint, and bubblegum mint plants. You can plant all of them in your garden or landscape to act as a natural repellent against mosquitos.

This home remedy is not just beneficial to only humans and plants but to pets as well. If you are a pet owner who is having issues with your cats and dogs being bitten by insects off then you might want to try crushing mint leaves and apply the oil to your animals before they head out. This is a sure way stop the bites from happening at all.

These are only a few home remedies you can try, if you need professional help with your pest control problem feel free to contact experts.

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