Home Remedies for Eye Inflammation and Redness

Eye inflammation is often caused by allergic reactions to seasonal changes, mold, pollen, dust mites and pets. And accompanied with symptoms like redness, constant irritation, itching. Certain illnesses can also cause eye inflammation, such as arthritis, lupus, vitamin A deficiency, diabetes, excessive use of eye drops, herpes and other sexual transmitted diseases.

As for swollen eyelids, can be due to many factors. Allergies too can cause pain and inflammation in the eyelids. To reduce the risk of permanent harm, it's advised to become familiar with these home remedies for instant relief. However, persistent eye inflammation may be due to an underlying problem and requires immediate medical attention.

Eye Inflammation

Eye inflammation home remedies

The first remedy:

Place an ice pack continuously for ten minutes on the inflamed eye and then stop for ten minutes, then continue again for ten minutes and so on...etc until the pain and inflammation reduce.

The second remedy:

Pour two tablespoons of dried feverfew blossom in one cup of boiling water, and cover the cup for 15 minutes, then filter this soaked and use it with a clean compressor for 15 minutes, repeat this process on the inflamed eye several times.

The third remedy:

Boil one tablespoon of crushed fennel seeds in a pot of water. When boiled, lift the pot from the heat, and cover your head with a towel leaning over the pot, leave your eyes open to benefit from the rising steam for 10 minutes at least, pain and inflammation will go away.

The fourth remedy:

Put two small teaspoons of dried chamomile in 100 ml of cold water, put it on the fire until it begins to boil, lift it from the heat and let it soak for 10 minutes before filtering, use it as a warm compressors or wash your eyes out with it to reduce inflammation, irritation and redness.

That's it,
What has caused you to have eye inflammation? And do you have any allergic reactions?
Information listed above has been reviewed medically and the main purpose of it is to increase the cultural awareness of herbalism and natural treatment. With that being said; it is not a substitute for consulting with a specialist doctor as the only guide for an accurate individual analysis. To learn more about our sources that the above content was excerpted from please (click here).

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