Home Remedies for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious eye illness that affects the optic nerve, causing pressure on the eyes leading to vision loss and blindness. Glaucoma symptoms aren't always noticed until it becomes advanced and aside from noticing a gradual eyesight decrease, affected persons might get a blurred vision, pain and redness in the eye, cloudy cornea, unresponsive to light and headaches.

Prescription eye drops are able to slow the intraocular pressure (inside the eye). Although these drugs must be taken for the rest of a patient's life and known for causing systemic side effects. As for the causes, scientists claim that glaucoma is caused by high blood pressure, nutrition deficiency, stress and drugs.

glaucoma home remedies

Usually, diabetic patients and senile folks are at a higher risk of getting glaucoma but you must seek an eye care professional if you suffer from any of the symptoms, overall prevention is a key to stop any disease progression.

Natural remedies for glaucoma

The first remedy:

Put five solid balls (size of a golf ball) into a plastic tray, then sit on a chair and roll the balls with the bottom of your feet for 15 minutes.

The second remedy:

Place a piece of cloth into hot water and as much as can your skin tolerate it, squeeze the excess water and place it on your forehead and eyes until it becomes cool, repeat this process 10 times until you feel the warmth of your head, do it every morning.

The third remedy:

Boil one tablespoon of dried feverfew in a cup of water for 10 minutes, then filter this soaked and sweeten it, drink one cup of this tea a day.

The fourth remedy:

Mix one large teaspoon of nigella seeds with five kernels of walnuts over low heat for about two minutes, then mix these two ingredients in a blender and add to it 1.5 cups of soy milk + small teaspoon of honey, eat it once a day.

Tips for Glaucoma:

  • Eat and drink more of green tea - sesame - beans.
  • Do not strain your eyes by exposing them to light or heat or television or reading for long periods.

That's it,
Apply these natural remedies to improve eyesight if you have glaucoma.
Information listed above has been reviewed medically and the main purpose of it is to increase the cultural awareness of herbalism and natural treatment. With that being said; it is not a substitute for consulting with a specialist doctor as the only guide for an accurate individual analysis. To learn more about our sources that the above content was excerpted from please (click here).

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