Natural home remedy for elbow and ankle calluses

Have you been using various creams to soften your ankles or elbow to get rid of calluses? the results aren't quite as promising nor they last for a long term. Say no more! because today we have brought to you the best remedy ever used among women and quite effective in getting rid of skin harshness also known as 'calluses' located in the ankles and elbow areas.

home remedy for calluses

Home remedy:

Mix 2 small teaspoons of lemon juice + 2 small teaspoon of bee honey + 2 small teaspoon of almond oil, then use this mixture as a cream to massage the areas affected usually in the elbows and ankles for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

That's it,
Tell us which creams have you been using? and whether you're going to give this remedy a try?
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