Natural Treatment To Reduce High Fever In Children: Age 6 to 10 Years Old

High fever in children is a common illness, especially during the cold seasons. If the child is behaving normally and well fed, drinks enough amount of fluids, and suddenly his/her temperature skyrocketed then this home treatment ( age 6-10 years old ) is all he/she needed to lower the fever.
high fever in children

Natural Treatment To Reduce Fever in Children

The first remedy

Take 3-4 large onions and cut em into small pieces, then cover the child's feet with this onion using a cloth or a plastic bag surrounding the foot for two hours. This easy and simple method will lower the body temperature of the child. Don't forget to dress your child's lightly because that will help him/her cool down.

The second remedy

Soak your child's socks slightly in cold vinegar and have them wear the socks as they lay down. The cold socks will absorb the heat and stop the fever from increasing. Take off the socks and rewet them again as they become warmer.

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That's it,
What causes your child fever?
Information listed above has been reviewed medically and the main purpose of it is to increase the cultural awareness of herbalism and natural treatment. With that being said; it is not a substitute for consulting with a specialist doctor as the only guide for an accurate individual analysis. To learn more about our sources that the above content was excerpted from please (click here).

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