Top Medicinal Plants And Their Uses

Medicinal plants and their uses are not just folklore and beliefs inherited from grandmothers and elders of the country, but these herbs contain active compounds which grant medical properties. Here's a visual presentation on the most important medicinal herbs and their golden benefits.
medicinal herbs

Medicinal plants and their uses: 


Ginger contains one of the most important types of medicinal plants on the aromatic ketones (a group of organic compounds) known as Algingerol, which is effective as a therapeutic ingredient, they are responsible for the hot taste of ginger and has stimulant qualities to digest. Many benefits of ginger are used to treat nausea and vomiting as well as diarrhea, abdominal pain, tooth pain, and rheumatism. Add to that an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer.


Parsley is one of the three best medicinal plants (along with garlic and nettle). It is used as a medicine for a long time. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, and holds properties that treat diseases of the heart, kidneys, digestive system and gynecology.


Since hundreds of years, garlic has an important and privileged position in nutrition and medicine. Thanks to its features, which includes blocking the action of enzymes that have a function in the production of fat in the blood, reducing platelet work, but the main feature of garlic is the antioxidants effects, which can protect against cardiovascular disease, a placebo most widely used in patients with diabetes. Garlic has been used in different cultures around the world for the prevention of influenza and upper respiratory tract diseases.


Urtica is an important medicinal herb. It helps to clean the body, and treats inflammatory bowel pain, irritable bowel syndrome and liver disease, urinary tract infections and kidney problems and skin.


Liquorice plant has a sweet taste and famous for strengthening the digestive system, but also effective in the fight against infections. Although the plant is very safe to use, but it must be appropriate for the accurate dose to get the required efficiency.


Mint is popular and has a distinctive smell. This plant is known in folk medicine as a stimulant and as a disinfectant. The mint is useful for strengthening the gums, to get rid of gas, stomach pain relief, sexual enhancement, inhibition of cancer, also relieves headaches and joint pain, and also used as a medication for eye inflammation, cough, nausea, weakness, and fatigue.


Turmeric is a yellow spice from India, often used in Chinese traditional medicine for more than 3,000 years to treat a variety of diseases, which is characterized by fever, pain, and inflammation. The consumption of turmeric in India is higher than anywhere in the world, and on the other side, we note that the spread of cancer is among the lowest worldwide.
It is not clear whether there was a direct link between the use of these medicinal herbs and their benefits and the low spread of the cancer rate, but now we know, through a lot of studies, that the main compound in turmeric (curcumin), has anti-cancer effect, especially when it comes to cell cancer: breast, pancreas, colon, prostate cancer and others.

Fennel flower

Fennel flower (Nigella sativa) is a medicinal herb scattered in the Mediterranean Sea. The seeds of this plant are used for the prevention and treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma.
The main ingredient extracted from the Nigella is taken as a drink and prevents shortness of breath bouts in most people with asthma.


From laboratory research shows Echinacea plant is intended to boost the immune system, the plant has many active substances which affect the body's resistance, including, effective materials in sterilization and genocide viruses and bacteria. Eating this plant helps stimulate the immune system in the body. To plant many kinds, but the "purple Echinacea" (Echinacea Purpurea) is considered the most effective of them. Research has shown that treatment using this herb reduced the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections by 58% and reduced the length of the disease day and a half.


Radicchio is used in the liver and digestive cleansing. It helps in lowering blood sugar due to stimulating the cells in the pancreas. Cleansing gives a sense of power and comfort in the body, the fact that the liver is the organ which drains most of the toxins in the body. In the wake of use internal peace and the ability to focus rises.

Green tea

Green tea contains substances called Ktagenat, which is one of the best sources of natural antioxidants. Green tea helps in the analysis of fat and prevent mutations in cells that could become cancerous.

Milk thistle

Silybum marianum is a medicinal herb that grows in the Middle East and is famous for its ancient Greece days since its benefits. Grass works on the liver and gall bladder system and improves the function of the liver, kidney and spleen. It helps to clean the body of toxins, the treatment of the digestive system, lowering blood pressure and reduces fat levels in the blood. Is an important antioxidant, is used to treat the side effects experienced by chemotherapy patients.

medicinal herbs and their uses

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Information listed above has been reviewed medically and the main purpose of it is to increase the cultural awareness of herbalism and natural treatment. With that being said; it is not a substitute for consulting with a specialist doctor as the only guide for an accurate individual analysis. To learn more about our sources that the above content was excerpted from please (click here).

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